Levels of Love, and Callies

“No matter which Two Pups treat you’re handing out you’ll know that you’re doing good for your companion.”


We personally handcraft every item and bake them in a oven that has five layers that help us to keep up with our growing demand.

We go to great lengths to make sure that what we’re serving your family is what we’d serve ours. We’ve been doing it for years, but we’ve made a point of working with a leading animal nutritionist to make sure our recipes are just what you’d hope they are – the best experience your pup can have. So, no matter which Two Pups Treat you’re handing out – Callies, Jaxons, Sarges, Minnies, Petals, or Woofie Pies – you’ll know that you’re doing good for your companion.

And, a natural preservative that nutritionists call Tocopherol, but’s better known as Vitamin E. The guaranteed analysis on our label tells you just how much protein, fat, and fiber your pup s getting to balance his or her diet.

Animal Nutrition, Eh?

At Two Pups, we make sure that the treats we make appeal to you and look appetizing, but our true priority is the nutritional value your pup gets from our snacks.

That’s why we consider ourselves so lucky to have the advice of a widely respected animal nutrition expert and friend – Leonard Underwood.

Leonard, who lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, has over 40 years of experience in animal nutrition for domestic pets and all types of farm animals. He actually invented two major animal feeds – sold throughout North America – that vastly improve the performance and quality of life for beef cattle, dairy cows, pigs, and poultry 

He also ran a huge pet food manufacturing plant for years and knows just what pups want and need.

Leonard lives with his wife, Willow, and their pets – Gem the St. Bernard and Smith the cat.. He’s above all a Canadian and enjoys the sport of curling. He’s pretty good, too. In his younger days, he represented his province in national competitions.

It’s through Leonard’s guidance that we make sure we’re as transparent as possible. That’s why you’ll see that we are transitioning our labels to show Vitamin E – a natural preservative. Its industry name is tocopherol. But it seems only right to call it by its simplest name: Vitamin E.

Leonard’s taught us that, and much more. We promise to always be as straightforward with you, just like him.