Why We Started

We’re Vicky and Sharon, and we’ve always been picky about the quality and preparation of what we serve – whether it’s for our families or for our pups. Your dog is the Two Pups customer, so we want to make sure they get just what they want. We think you’ll be surprised at your pup’s reaction to our quality ingredients.

Our Standards

All ingredients in Two Pups recipes are safe, natural, human-grade, and TASTY for our best friends. Everything that comes out of our kitchen has been reviewed by an animal nutritionist and handcrafted by a trained culinary professional. All of our treats are lab-tested and we exceed all FDA and state guidelines.

Love & Reward

Being a Pup has nothing to do with age, but about how a dog enjoys life through love, rewards, and proper nourishment. We know that you consider your pup more than just a pet – it’s about family. That’s why the high-grade natural ingredients we use are suitable for your own consumption to keep your pup active and satisfied.